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Moving On
"Taking the first step is the hardest part
When you don't even know where to start."
You handed it to me. I took a step down to get to you. I don't know what that even meant to you, but if I knew now what I didn't know then, would I have taken this venture in the first place?
"I would have stumbled forever in the dark
If I knew I could find your heart."
You didn't come closer. If anything, you backed up, pushed me further away. You say things like, "It's for the best," but if that were true, neither of us would feel like this. Sometimes I just wish I could have gotten an explanation of why you left me calling out in the dark.
"I was trapped there in the silence with everything to lose.
I never got the thing I looked for; the rest of my heart; you."
I should have called back to you, but you moved so quickly. All I have ever wanted was you to hold close, to hold near to my heart, but I could never catch up to someone who doesn't want to be caught.
"What once was love is never again,
I ca
:iconwanderingsoul777:wanderingsoul777 3 4
And To Think
You spoke so softly on that day, words like satin across your lips
As they made my frozen heart melt and my knees quiver at your voice
/And to think I had it in me to stop you/
But I didn't, I kept the lie going, hoping you'd kiss me again
Be the bigger man and I could forget your blonde locks, trifle shocks
/And to think, You fooled me into loving you/
And I did, so feircely my heart yearned for you, to hold your hand
Our fingers laced in subtle embrace, or bodies became one in unison
/And to think, I was falling in love/
Even when I figured it out, I let you play me like the fool I was/I am
The day the truth came out was the day I stopped believing in love
/And to think, I've finally given up on you/
But I haven't, because every moment of torture I've endured
Has lead me back to your feet and eating my heart out of your hands
/And to think, I am still believing your lie/
:iconwanderingsoul777:wanderingsoul777 2 2
Painted Pony Continued
I heard the door shake, but saw nothing. Dust covered my eyes and my sense of time had been altered for some time now. Was it Father outside? I filled up with pride as I heard the footsteps against the cobblestone. He didn't forget, Father couldn't forget me! He loved me! I awaited to feel his loving hand again, but everyone knows good things are always few and far etween. It was not Father. Only a shadow was visible but, although I couldn't see, I felt the presence. It was not Father. I wanted to see this figure clearly, so I tried with all my might to move. Move, Move, Move, MOOOVEEE!
Suddenly, without warning, I felt a gust of air and, PLOP!, my hooves fell with a thud to the cold, dusty ground. The shadow left in a hurried motion at the sound of my thundering hooves. Had I scared the shadow away? Was it the right thing to do? Wait, did I really move on my OWN!? This thought filled my mind, almost making me forget about the shadow. Father would be so proud of me! I decided to
:iconwanderingsoul777:wanderingsoul777 1 2
Sometimes you start to make me sick
Make my words collide and stick
I want what's best, but it won't work
Cause you'll just love me then leave me hurt
You may ask how I know this
In your voice with a hiss
I know you can't trust me
But I wish that would see
That all I want is to make you feel
To make you happy; to make you real
But you're a figmant, nothing more
You'll make me cry and make me sore
I want to belive in someone like you
But what's there to see; what's there to do?
I cannot force your heart to turn
So I'll be lost; forever to yearn
You'll leave me to die without a heart
Never together and forever to part
Without you I don't stand a chance
So I'll ready my heart and take my stance.
'Cause you no longer believe in me
When all I did was let you be
So I must stop this hurt before it begins
I just hope we can still be friends.
:iconwanderingsoul777:wanderingsoul777 0 2
The Steps We Took
I would have stayed all night if you had asked me to. We stayed up talking about
Everything and nothing, hoping it would all just magically collide into something tangible.
It was beautiful, the way your eyes fluttered with your words so delicately.
Pretty soon, I could hear them whisper your secrets while you slept.
They brushed against me, made me quiver slightly. God, you are beautiful.
I would have left in a hurry if you had asked me to. We stayed up fighting about
Everything and nothing, hoping it would all magically go away into something avoidable.
It was sickening, the way you threw your love for me away, your words laced with ice.
Eventually, I would hear it in my sleep, your cruelty haunting my dreams,
You were always on my mind, especially after you left me with nothing. God, I despised you.
I would have killed you if you had asked me to. I stayed up plotting petty schemes about
Everything and nothing, hoping you would just leave my troubled mind.
It was tourturous, the way
:iconwanderingsoul777:wanderingsoul777 2 0
Painted Pony
My life started before I knew it began. Was I...
A tree?
A log?
An old piece of furniture?
I didn't know and honestly it doesn't matter. I am what I am: A painted pony.
Father loved me from the day he made me. I wasn't always a painted pony, though. I remember when his gentle hands guided the blade along my back, each curvature taking part of me away, yet making me whole. Every moment I felt more and more like something else.
Could I be a wooden lynx, strong and quick? I felt no wood shavings for paws.
Could I be a wooden soldier, with a rifle standing tall? I didn't get taller.
Every day I changed more and more. My head became sculpeted and I had a nose with two pointed ears. I could hear the world now. I felt him start to make my nose, wide and elongated. Was I a horse? I was a horse! He painted my hoves and filled my nostrils with black. I felt an urge to snort and clomp. I couldn't have been happier. He made my mane  of white and brown yarn, "... the most beautiful yarn i
:iconwanderingsoul777:wanderingsoul777 1 4
If This Is It
I don't know what you're thinking, but I wish I did.
All my thoughts stay inside, pounding my fortified mind, bursting between my lips before they can plot their escape. But it's not the words that are the hard part.
You've given me so many reasons to love again:
Your smile.
Late night poker.
Homemade lasagna.  
Miniskirts and perfume.  
But those things don't matter to you anymore.  
Your smile is no where to be found.  
We play dumb card games.
Making microwave TV dinners.
Layers and body odor.
I wonder sometimes if you still love me like you use to. I wonder what you wonder. My body longs to feel that spark again that only happens with you near.
So I'm asking you now before we fall into the routine of living out this mess we've made:
If this is it, did I at least make your heart race like you imagined it would?
Did I
:iconwanderingsoul777:wanderingsoul777 3 4
I want to remember: "What song do you think of when you think of me?"
I remember lacing my hands in yours and you put your face on my chest.
Your eyes were singed; tearstained, but you never blinked/blank/blunk.
I wish you would have.
Your skin felt soft, but I wouldn't have remembered that because I was too busy remembering you.
You weren't even gone and I was already missing you.
You were so red, so blue.
How pathetic, how sad, how so in love I was, I am.
"What song do you think of when you think of me?"
I remember the day you came back to me. Yellow.
So happy, your face. We kissed and you turned human again.
Oh, how I wished you wouldn't have turned so quickly.
I would have kissed you forever if I knew what I did to deserve you.
Good things don't last, but neither do bad things. They just weigh more.
"What song do you think of when you think of me?"
I remember when we slept together; your small frame along mine.
Just sleeping. That night you were g
:iconwanderingsoul777:wanderingsoul777 2 5
Mirror - rorriM
I see the reflection | noitcelfer eht ees I
In your eyes | seye ruoy nI
They look at me | em ta kool yehT
And I start to see | ees ot trats dnA
That what I have | evah I tahw tahT
It soon will leave | evael lliw noos tI
And I'll have nothing | gnihton evah ll'I dnA
But your memory | yromem ruoy tuB
I look back at me | em ta kcab kool I
There is no one there | ereht eno on si erehT
Only a shadow of a man | nam a fo wodahs a ylnO
Who took a stand | dnats a koot ohW
And cannot find his peace | ecaep sih dnif tonnac dnA
Maybe if I look hard enough | hguone drah kool I fi ebyaM
Into this mirror in my mind | dnim ym ni rorrim siht otnI
We'll find our reason for us|su rof nosaer ruo dnif ll'eW
And maybe then it won't seem|mees t'now ti neht ebyam dnA
That this is only a dream   |   maerd a ylno si siht tahT
And if we shatter this|siht rettahs ew fi dnA
Then we're            |    
:iconwanderingsoul777:wanderingsoul777 4 3
On Christmas Morning
My Dear,
"I hope this letter finds you
in a much better place.
I hope that when you read it,
it gives you a sense of grace.
"I hope you never change, love,
but I'll understand if you do,
because Christmas is so fickle
when I'm really missing you.
"Soon, you may start to see
That I'm not the sort of gift
You wish to have in your arms.
I'm not the perfect fit.
"And I'll understand, I swear I will,
if you need to be alone.
And I'll try to give this love away,
This love inside that's grown.
"If this letter doesn't get to you;
If it does not make it in time,
Then at least you'll be happy one more day
Without me as your rhyme.
"So I'll sign this card,
I'll make it quick
Before this wax
Begins to stick.
"I'm hopeful that you may see
With your eyes that pierce my soul,
That Christmas is nothing but sentiments and presents
Because it's your love that makes me whole."
With all my love,
P.S. I know you're never really that far away.
:iconwanderingsoul777:wanderingsoul777 3 10
Another book, another stamp, another card...
I don't even know what I'm working towards anymore.
"Oh, and just so you know, after today, your time is done."
Done? Oh, it's fine. It's not like I actually like being needed.
No, I'm not okay! Don't you see I'm in a bind; in a mess? And then the words blur:
"I must confess
I have regrets
of what you've done to me.
But I digress,
I'm just a mess,
So please just let me be."
And she'd look at me and say her slur, but it's okay I've gotten used to it.
If you're going to use me, I'd prefer you use me as a book:
I may give you information.
I may have pretty pictures.
I can make you feel happy.
I can make you feel mad or sappy.
But at the end of the day you'll use me; return me. And I'll be less than I was before until I get picked up again; Picked up by hands that will mend me and love me...
... Just to use me all over again.
:iconwanderingsoul777:wanderingsoul777 3 5
Devils' Love Child
I lurk inside the darkness and always sense the heat,
I am the devils' love child; I move on quick ember feet.
I know all things; some good some bad, and I know what's in your head.
I am the one who plants the fear of what is lurking under your bed.
I wait behind the shadows, I divulge your secrets ever so slight.
I am the devils' love child; I come for you at night.
I tell your secrets to the world; I make you lose you mind.
I draw you towards me with bribe of gold; I want to make you mine.
I do not gloat or boast or brag; though all these things I've learned.
I am the devils' love child; I only want your soul, slighty overturned.
I want so many things in life; these thing that I must have.
I cannot go on without this holy strife, lest I may soon go mad.
I am the devils' love child,
Let me sing this song.
I am the devils' love child,
So much I have done wrong.
I am the devils' love child,
And I wish God could see,
Though I may be the devils' love child
I need Him to set me free.
:iconwanderingsoul777:wanderingsoul777 6 18
Violet Eyes
I would never get this chance again.
The auburn sky set the world ablaze amongst the canvas of dust and din. I could have said I loved her but that would be a lie and a half of guilt, sickness, and a hint of lavender.
Her glance was crippling, suffocating... in short, intoxicating, like getting high after a first kiss at sunset on a porch swing, except not even close. There was no motion. No before. No after. Just this. And I'd never been in so much agonizing pain.
There was no sweet relief, no ample word I could say to make things any better, nor any fact that I had a chance to change my fate. She knew this. She's playing God with my heart and I'm the martyr, giving my all to please her divine presence.
I cannot remember how many times I internally shook away the heartache I was about to divulge to her intent ears; how many times I knew I'd never to be able to say that I'm sorry to the one person who never gave up on me and my doubtful convictions.
But it w
:iconwanderingsoul777:wanderingsoul777 6 6
Beetle Bay
I traced my steps back; was no other way
For me to take back the words of what I said on that cold day.
I stepped into the water and welcomed its cool embrace,
and I knew this was the only way I'd ever see your face.
The water held its' secrets and I'm the only one who knew;
I knew the honest reason why this water isn't blue.
It's not just some illusion, some flaw of land and sky,
No this water is not blue because it sucked away your life.
It then took you from me in a swift, gaspless breath,
And now my soul is vying for your tender soft caress.
But no longer can I grasp onto it, nor can I even think,
For the water started drowning me before I began to sink.
I have gone; I've lost my mind, but of this I am sure,
I've gone and lost my heart into the depths of this dark moor.
And though I lost my love on that sad and lonely day,
I can never leave her; it's why I stay; Forever trapped in forgotten Beetle Bay.
:iconwanderingsoul777:wanderingsoul777 6 4
Broken Pieces
Maybe I'll stop trying. I can't handle this much hurt.
I've found that thing in my life can truly never work.
I'm picking up the pieces of my short and fragile life,
But even then it's useless, so why do I still try?
I'm looking at these pieces and none of them will fit.
It's like I need some guidance from an angel, god, or writ.
And yet again I'm broken down, my words are not the same.
Maybe it's better off to forget the pieces that remain.
I'm broken not just in my heart but all around my face.
These pieces will never fit again, they are worn out and frayed.
I wish you'd hear my plea cause I don't know which way to turn.
These pieces are causing me to forget all that I have learned.
All I wish I could do right now is to fall, to fall.
To Fall away and risk it all.
Then maybe we can piece this together, to the way it used to be,
"But then again," I'll calmly say, "These pieces aren't you, they're me."
:iconwanderingsoul777:wanderingsoul777 11 10
I had an odd feeling and I knew it was right,
But I played by my heart and put up a fight.
I was put in a loop, a ring of endless light
that was shattered by your words and lost into the night.
Reality is gone now, no faces that I can see
Where was I, oh battered soul, when you so needed me?
I stare out past the sunset into the opened sea.
I'm out here all alone, clutching to life as I breathe.
All these things I do not know
From a life that's always been toss not throw.
Why did I let our love die slow?
Why should I have to let you go?
Give me your hand and hold tight, not loose.
Don't hang me with your words you tie in a noose
I don't know what happened, why do I just pick and choose?
I guess I'm a fool who was always meant to lose.
:iconwanderingsoul777:wanderingsoul777 5 8
Look at how busy I am! Although, it would be nice if i picked up the pace a little... XD

Random Favourites

Role Model
I sneaked down steps on my
He was waiting for me
        Wizened old thing, sat collecting dust nostalgically
I waved him a passing hello
      His hands moved slowly
:iconzakman2:Zakman2 1 10
Freedom rings and tolls
Giving us much to sing about
but there is no singing now,
Only workers hammering down,
and up again, never ceasing
Down and up
Down and up

Children are not running around,
Nor playing in the dark.
They are at home,
down on their knees.
Praying, ever praying,
for a brother's safe return,
For sisters home unharmed.
They are fighting, always fighting,
For our bells, our music, our song,
:iconmusicluver325:Musicluver325 3 8
So the grief looks... by Majonaka-elfwolf So the grief looks... :iconmajonaka-elfwolf:Majonaka-elfwolf 14 22 Dead by Felka-wolf Dead :iconfelka-wolf:Felka-wolf 12 54
Do not fear, my child, everything is alright,
Though the Earth's tearing open and the skies are alight,
Though the thunder is crashing, I will not fear,
Everything will be fine if I have you right here.
Don't worry, dear heart, dry all of your tears,
Stay close and let me drive away all of your fears.
As long as we're together, nothing will go wrong,
Just have patience and listen to the words of my song.
Nothing shall harm you as long as I'm around,
Even if the stars all crash to the ground.
Sit down by the fire now, warm yourself through,
I swear on my life, I'll never leave you.
I know that you've had a very trying time,
But believe me when I say that all will be fine.
We've even made it all through the night,
Look, my love, there's the sun's first light.
:icondarknessbeforedawn:DarknessBeforeDawn 3 38
Lady of the moon by ghostwolfen Lady of the moon :iconghostwolfen:ghostwolfen 5 6 stamp by squisheh17
Mature content
stamp :iconsquisheh17:squisheh17 6,820 910
Cake Error by VampireKoala95 Cake Error :iconvampirekoala95:VampireKoala95 6 38
Six is afraid of two
If there was anything on this Earth that I could be,
I'd be a little wild weed.
They grow free and pretty too.
Unruled by humans and watched over by
Dear old Momma Nature.
Yellow and white and
Bright, bright blue,
Purple and pink
In a sea of green.
Orange leaves fall like rain,
Stirred up in a fierce autumn wind by a train.
My shoes kick them up again as they fall around me,
When I'm rushin' on my way to get to you,
Can't you see I'm just a little weed?
I'm walking along to get my seeds in the ground,
The bees tickle my face,
Givin' 'em my pollen,
The nectar tastes so sweet.
Chruch doors are open and I float inside,
Bright and crisp October mornin'
Readin' the book of John, right on out of old King James.
Nice service, good day, all.
Now I'm driftin'
In the wind,
Rising and fallin' with the time.
It's all a plot to get to you,
To plant my seeds and not to sew.
Dandelions, they all say, you say pretty flower,
Others say weed.
I think I'm kinda pretty,
Yellow in the summer and white in t
:iconvampirekoala95:VampireKoala95 2 2
Cousin Kristofferson by ghostwolfen Cousin Kristofferson :iconghostwolfen:ghostwolfen 50 53 Her Only One by blood-on-roses Her Only One :iconblood-on-roses:blood-on-roses 2 4 My FURSONA by Felka-wolf My FURSONA :iconfelka-wolf:Felka-wolf 7 19 Talk to me. by pump-kin-pie Talk to me. :iconpump-kin-pie:pump-kin-pie 8 9 -Look At Me- by WhiteSpiritWolf -Look At Me- :iconwhitespiritwolf:WhiteSpiritWolf 160 37 .some. by s-sicilia .some. :icons-sicilia:s-sicilia 46 34
Just look at all of these wonderful works of art!!! *stares longingly* SO BEAUTIFUL!



WOLF STARE by Yair-Leibovich WOLF STARE :iconyair-leibovich:Yair-Leibovich 277 29 Nova Shifted by Novawuff Nova Shifted :iconnovawuff:Novawuff 1,830 191 Watching You by Nimrais Watching You :iconnimrais:Nimrais 1,233 160 Fear my knives by Nimrais Fear my knives :iconnimrais:Nimrais 884 84 Orryn, the crystal blacksmith by BloodhoundOmega Orryn, the crystal blacksmith :iconbloodhoundomega:BloodhoundOmega 523 81 White Tiger 2. by sergey1984 White Tiger 2. :iconsergey1984:sergey1984 4,610 540



Balthazar Wolfbane
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I'm as cool as they come, and as funny as they get! (Or so I've been told..)


I really hope you enjoy my writings and all my muses, as I have a lot of both!


Current Residence: This void in the back of my mind...
Favourite genre of music: Contemp. and Classical
Favourite style of art: Furries, Anthro, Wolf Art
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: I-Touch WOOT!
Shell of choice: One With Fur On It
Skin of choice: Fur
Favourite cartoon character: Hmm... I'd have to say... Joel or Matt from the Concession Comics!! DAmn them for their hotness
Personal Quote: A true friend would never judge you for who or what you are -- Marquis Du’Lupine
  • Listening to: Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift
  • Reading: Hunger Games
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
I think I have finally figured things out. Maybe. I'm sorry about my recent time away (for the people who still watch me <3 ) and I apologize in advance for all my errors in my writings. I love to edit, but when it comes to my own things, it's harder than I think it should be.

I've updated some older stories/poems so it wouldn't hurt to take a look through my old work. Also I'm trying to find something to write about and would love some feeback from watchers! Just leave a comment or note me with a topic or idea and I'll see what I can do!

Much love,



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